Our Mission

The mission of Morven Institute of Freedom is to expose those who have robbed Americans of their lives, liberties and normal pursuits of happiness. We should be free to enjoy life by doing as we please. But instead, most of us have been consigned to endure lives as indentured slaves. We work long hours and see little of our families, while the government and greedy corporatist bankers steal from us most of what we
produce. Our goal is to expose the truth, and to regain the basic freedoms
that we expect as Americans. Our goal is to remove the chains of slavery and to once again set Americans free!

Through financial dictatorship, Americans have been stripped of every freedom that our grandfathers knew. Somewhere along the line, and right before our eyes, our freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness fell under the control of a select few who determine what we can, and can't, achieve, and how much of it we can keep once we do.

And these few are not concerned about whether or not we like it. They are not concerned about our families or even our children. They view us as slaves and now treat us as such.

The time has come for the people to take back their country from those who, behind the scenes, control our government, our lifestyles, our financial well-being, our jobs, our schools, our ability to attain the necessities of life, our ability to protect our families, and our ability to stay out of debt while doing so.

This is the time of change for all Americans. It is a time to:

  • restore to the people their land, properties, wealth, heritage and birthright as free citizens.
  • restore national integrity to our borders and civility and morality to our
  • remove evil and corrupt persons from public service and influence, and
  • restore Constitutional rule of law within the Republic of these United
    States of America.

We stand for the good of the American people, our National birthright and
for Freedom!

While there are hundreds of volumes available for those brave souls with
enough time to research them, we seek to provide the results of fifteen
years research directly to those who want to have the whole truth while also
fighting for economic survival in their daily lives. The average citizen
simply does not have the time to do that research, but the facts are
presented here for all who want to know them. So enter our pages and see for
yourself what has been gleaned by others for all to read. Only the truth
ever will set this country free again!


Son of Liberty is the result of 15 years of research by an attorney and his retired sociology professor, both of whom wanted to provide a comprehensive treatise describing what has happened in America to create the horrible situation that now confronts all of us.  There is not another book like this on the market, anywhere.

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Son of Liberty: No Apology!
by Marvin H. Clark Jr.

Pages:      761
(includes 16 pages of historical photographs)

Softcover:              $49.95
Now Available
ISBN: 0-978-09845187-1-5

Hardcover:             $79.95
Now Available
ISBN: 0-978-09845187-0-8


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