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On the eve of Adolf Hitler's election victory that resulted in the creation of Nazi Germany,  the great historiographer, Oswald Spengler,  declared in his newest book, Hour of Decision,  that German society was suffering from a form of culturally induced schizophrenia.  He wrote that the typical citizen could understand that something was dreadfully wrong, yet decided to behave as if everything was perfectly normal, because everyone else was behaving as if everything was perfectly normal.  What followed was full-blown totalitarianism and the murders of untold millions beyond those Jews that also got killed.

We in America are suffering similarly today, each citizen quietly cowering within, while the apparatus for a full-blown totalitarian state is being erected right before our eyes.  We instinctively know that we are not free and that we are the targets of tyranny when even Miss America is sexually assaulted by TSA thugs and one of them even runs a hand over her vagina.  We are not permitted to complain because the price for that is being singled out for more abuse and perhaps even being denied the freedom to travel.

Yet many Americans are trying to gain a grasp on reality and are trying to understand what went wrong, when it started,  how it was accomplished, who has done this to the greatest nation in the history of mankind, and ....WHY!

We hope to provide many of the answers to those questions within the pages of this website and suggest that those who love freedom had better come out of their shells and take action quickly or many of us may well wind up in mass graves similar to those in every other country ever conquered by totalitarian tyrants.

You are NOT CRAZY!  The situation really is as bad as you already have perceived it to be.  As in Germany on the eve of her Nazi takeover,  this is America's  "HOUR OF DECISION."   Let us pray that this also will be America's finest hour. 

“Marvin, Thank you for taking the time to  share your book...
God bless you and your family.”
Sarah Palin former Governor of Alaska

“…it was profound and very comprehensive… if anything, too vast but I am no expert. You came across as knowledgeable and courageous with a clear vision for the future.” 
Rabbi Daniel Lapin, American Orthodox Political Commentator  

“Your analysis of the facts is accurate and without spin.”
Brigadier General Thomas S.Westall, Commander (ASDF) and Military Historian  

“...It is reassuring to know strong family values have such an able champion.”
General Henry H. Shelton,
U.S. Army former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

“It is a great book and needs to be in print as soon as possible.”
Rev. Ethan Hansen, Conservative Christian pastor  

“You did a good job. Even your enemies will want to buy a copy of your book.”
Dr. Kenneth Charles Lomax,
C.E.O. Business Improvement Network, LLC


Son of Liberty is the result of 15 years of research by an attorney and his retired sociology professor, both of whom wanted to provide a comprehensive treatise describing what has happened in America to create the horrible situation that now confronts all of us.  There is not another book like this on the market, anywhere.

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Son of Liberty: No Apology!
by Marvin H. Clark Jr.

Pages:      761
(includes 16 pages of historical photographs)

Softcover:              $49.95
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ISBN: 0-978-09845187-1-5

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